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At the end of a TRE session, client asking talking about their experince and asking questions

Sara is a Certified TRE® Trainer. Sara works in collaboration with Canadian Trainers to offer consistent comprehensive TRE® trainings that adhere to the standards set out by the global TRE® organization:  TRE® for All.


Sara was introduced to TRE® at a social work conference in 2014. Sara was fascinated by the immediate results and relief she experienced with chronic lower back tension/pain. Sara completed her certification as a TRE® provider in 2018 under the mentorship of TRE® Certification Trainer, Joan MacDonald. In 2019, Sara was invited to join TRE® Certification Trainer, Donna Philips and founder, Dr. David Berceli in a one of a kind North American TRE® Trainer Trainee Program with about 20 other individuals from around the world. Sara became a global certified trainer in TRE® in 2022.


Sara offers regular weekend Module 1 (TRE® for Personal Practice) trainings in person in Calgary, AB, as well as, online that are open to the general public and those interested in becoming certified TRE providers. She also will offer introductions to TRE, Module 1 (TRE for Personal Practice, 2.5 days) and the full training programs in other locations upon request.



Becoming a certified TRE Provider:


For comprehensive information on becoming a provider please check out:  TRE®TRAINING CANADA

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