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  • How to pay?
    Etransfer or cash (other options are available in discussion with Sara)
  • Does my insurance cover your services?
    TRE Training – is not covered by insurance Therapy – Check that you can see a therapist who is a Master’s level Social Worker (MSW). Some insurances only cover psychologists and others cover social workers. It is your responsibility to check and make sure you have insurance coverage
  • Direct Insurance Billing?
    This is not a service Sara Clark offers at this time. Payment is expected at time of service and a receipt will be provided to you to submit to your insurance provider
  • How do I choose a Therapist?
    Therapy is very personal. You need to feel safe, accepted for yourself and feel heard in therapy. More and more research on therapy is demonstrating that the type of therapy offered means less than the relationship you have with your therapist. It is okay to ask questions of your therapist and to check their credentials. Social Workers in Alberta who work as Social Workers must be registered with the Alberta College of Social Workers (ACSW) and adhere to ACSW Code of Ethics and Practice Standards.
  • Why do most Canadian therapists not have reviews or testimonials of their work ?
    In many provinces Social Workers (and other counselling professionals) are not allowed to advertise in this way because it risks client confidentiality and goes against some professional college’s standards of practice and ethics.
  • Is what I tell you private?
    By law all Social Workers/Therapists are required to keep your information confidential. There are a 3 main reasons, I could break confidentiality: ·If a child under the age of 18 is being put at risk by an adult, Sara required to report that to Children’s Services or the local police ·If you are at imminent risk of harming yourself or at imminent risk of taking anothers life, Sara is required to report that to the police ·If a judge in a court of law subpoena’s Sara to testify in court, Sara must tell what she knows If you are under the age of 18, technically you are not recognized as an adult by law and your parent/guardian can access information about you. In your first session with Sara, this would be discussed with you and your parent/guardian on what we can have an agreement on regarding privacy.

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